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Time Management Tips for Landlords

System - Sunday, January 14, 2018
Property Management Blog

Being a landlord is more than managing property; it’s a people job. You have to deal with tenants, employees, and contractors. The thing about people jobs is this: they are messy. You can come into work with a plan and have it completely derailed by an emergency or an troublesome tenant. Staying on top of your business so that it can survive is no easy task. If you don’t have some level of organization, important things will start to fall through the cracks and your rental business will suffer. 

In our last blog, we explored some ways you can prioritize all the challenges coming your way. Another important part of surviving as a landlord is having the ability to manage your time well. When you have control of the way you handle your time, you can be more productive and efficient. If you’ve never done it, we recommend you analyze the way you spend your time each day. How much of it is going down the drain? 

Time Management Tips for Landlords

When you’re a landlord, there’s always something to do. The thing is, you can be busy all day and still not be using your time very well. Your job is probably full of distractions, which greatly inhibit your ability to be effective as a landlord. Here are some ways to keep control over your days. 

Break large tasks up into smaller ones. 

Large tasks can cause a lot of stress because they take a long time to complete. You can even end up burning out. Instead of tackling everything at one time, break large tasks into small steps you can complete to achieve the ultimate result you want. Complete one task before taking on the next one, and you’ll get to your goal with a minimum of stress. 

Leverage technology. 

There are some property management systems that are tried and true, but it is important to be open to tech that can help you out. Calendars, software, and apps can all give you the support you need. 

Write down plans for your days, weeks, and months. 

As a landlord, it is easy to slip into reactive living. In this scenario, you get behind the curve and have to handle everything as it comes at you. This is the fastest way to fail your tenants and burn yourself out. By taking the time to lay out the way you’ll handle your mornings, afternoons, weeks, and months, you give yourself the chance to address problems before they happen. Fewer important tasks will fall through the cracks. You’ll feel like you have more control and the resulting empowerment will make you an even stronger landlord. You’ll also have some room for emergencies, which is important!
  • Dedicate time to emails and phone calls. This may be your favorite part of the job, or you might hate it. Either way, creating a time dedicated purely to communication will allow you to respond professionally to inquiries and more. We recommend you set this time in either late morning or late afternoon when the people you need to contact will be most available. 
  • Dedicate your afternoons to meetings, property inspections, and other activities that will take you out of the office. Instead of communicating with your team and tenants whenever they interrupt you, dedicate time to meeting with them. They will have to wait until the meeting to talk to you, which will reduce distractions and interruptions in your day. 

Learn to delegate. 

Many landlords have trouble saying no, and they will take too much on. Don’t fall into this trap. Keep your eyes on your top priorities and delegate tasks if they prevent you from moving forward. 

Take Your Property Management Business to the Next Level

Even though being a landlord can take a lot of energy and work, it is ultimately worth it to provide people with places to live. At Broker One Rentals, we are proud to offer world-class property management services to landlords in Casper. We can promote your property, screen the residents, and make sure that current tenants are handling your property correctly. We are here to make your job easy. Contact us in Casper to learn more about how our property management company can help you!